Voodoo Economics Part 2

Voodoo Economics, Part 2

The Unemployment Fiasco This article is a continuation of our analysis of the Keynesian multiplier and the effects of government spending. Part 1 covers the theory of the Keynesian multiplier, the rationale behind it, and the reasons why it cannot work. In this Part 2, we examine a real-world example where the idea of the

The Dictionary

Newspeak ’09: The Dictionary

The Newspeak dictionary was originally inspired by today’s significance of the word “liberal”. Common sense would dictate that a liberal is a person who repects people’s liberties. Liberties as for example set forth in the Bill of Rights of the US Consitution. Don’t be deceived. Today, a “liberal” is a politician or a person of

America Distress

America in Distress

The politization of the DHS and the silencing of the conservative voice What does an inverted American flag mean? Two recent documents give an answer to this question. Two documents that bring a disturbing trend into the light of the public. Both documents were drafted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and marked as

Voodoo Economics Part 1

Voodoo Economics, Part 1

The Keynesian Multiplier Demystified The Faults and Fallacies Behind The Idea of Benevolent Investment The term Voodoo Economics weas originally coined by George H.W. Bush during the Reagan administration to deride the theory of “tricke-down economics”, meaning: as investors use their liquid assets to invest (build factories, fund startup companies etc), more people get employed,


F is for Freedom

Shedding Light on the Brady Campaign’s Claims I. INTRODUCTION The Brady Campaign claims to be a nonprofit group to “prevent gun violence”. The Brady Campaign’s self-declared goal (and that of the related Brady Center) is [ref]: Our goal is to protect you, your family and your community from gun deaths and injuries. In America, we

Mortgage Crisis

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Cause, Consequences, and Cure The current subprime crisis. Who doesn’t first of all think of greedy bankers who profit from the poor? Yet, the roots of today’s financial crisis date back to the presidency of Lyndon B Johnson who started the avalanche with a little-known law: the Fair Housing Act. The Avalanche Starts: Introduction to


Dog Ban

I. DOG ATTACK STATISTICS There exists fairly reliable data on dog injuries. There were about 68 Million dogs in 2001, and according to the APPMA there were 74.8 million dogs in the USA in 2006, approximately a 2% increase per year. In 1994, there occurred 4.7 million dog attacks with injuries (Sacks 1996), this is