A waist trainer belt is made from elastic material and goes around your waist. It’s called a trainer belt because its purpose is to help you train your body by shedding unnecessary fat.

It works by compressing the fat around your waist and creating heat. This raises your body temperature and increases the number of burned calories. Just putting the belt on will not cause any miracles though. The amount of calories burned just by sitting or lying in bed while wearing the belt is minimal and will not make much of a difference unless combined with an effective workout routine and healthy diet. That’s why you should use it while moving around. It can be during a workout or simply when doing chores or running errands. A correctly used waist trainer belt can help you trim your waistline to your desired weight. It also helps keep your posture straight.

And while wanting to trim your waist is something more often associated with women, that does not mean that men can’t wear them too! There are plenty of Mens waist trainer belts on the market. Have you been doing sit-ups but have yet to see any results? Well, chances are your new abs are hiding under a layer of fat on your belly. A waist trainer will make your cardio workouts much more effective and soon you will be able to enjoy your newly found muscles.

What kind of Mens waist trainer belt is best though? There are a few specifications worth looking at before making a purchase:


The most obvious one is size. The waist trainer should preferably be adjustable so that it doesn’t become too big when you start losing weight. That can be assured by choosing a belt made from elastic material (most of the products available are) that won’t stretch out or by opting for a belt with an adjustable velcro strap.


For most comfortable experience choose a waist trainer belt made from quality materials such as neoprene. Neoprene has been proven to be extremely effective at trapping body heat. Good waist trainer belts will also have added padding to make them less slippery as you sweat. And you will undoubtedly sweat a lot, especially when wearing one during a workout. Also, choose one that is marked safe for putting in the laundry (unless you for some reason prefer handwashing).


This matters especially if you plan on wearing your belt underneath a t-shirt. Choose a waist trainer with simple and not eye-catching colors for discretion. Or go in the other direction and pick a flashy design that will make everyone on Instagram jealous.

A good waist trainer belt is comfortable to wear, effective at trapping heat and sturdy enough to provide support for your lower back. Choose the one for you carefully and give it a go! Working out with a waist trainer belt is much more intense but it is definitely worth it.

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